Side Hustle


Hoboken Residence

I started working on freelance residential projects through the company Homepolish in March 2014. Through Homepolish I was able to meet so many amazing people and fill my weekends with fun side projects.  This Hoboken residence being one of them.

Skillshare Class

In May of 2016 Sarah was approached by the website Skillshare to start her own Interior Design based tutorial channel. She has since helped others discover their love for color and is working on even more videos to date. Check out & subscribe HERE

homepolish Challenge

Homepolish Challenge

Sarah joined the amazing Homepolish team here, in New York City from March 2014 through January 2016. Before she was taken on by the growing brand, Sarah had to complete a challenge.  

Check out my full design challenge HERE

pavillion project

Pavilion Project

Sarah was approached in early 2014 by the Ivy League Day Camp. They were looking for a designer to generate some 3D rendered images of their proposed state of the art gymnastics pavilion.

Check out how she turned their vision into a virtual reality HERE